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Book Review (+ Giveaway!): Charming The Troublemaker

14 Nov

About the Book

Title: Charming the Troublemaker

Author: Pepper Basham

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 1, 2017

Troublemaking never looked so good…

When Dr. Alex Murdock is demoted to a university in rural Virginia, the last thing he expects to find is a future. But country charm never looks as good as it does on Rainey Mitchell.

Rainey Mitchell doesn’t need a high-class flirt in her wounded world, but trouble and temptations wafts off the new professor as strong as his sandalwood-scented cologne.

When circumstances thrust them together to save her tutoring clinic, can the troublemaker find the hero inside and encourage the reticent Rainey to open her heart again.

Click here to purchase!

About the Author

Pepper Basham is an award-winning author who writes novels inspired by her love for history and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her Penned in Time series has garnered recognition in the Inspys, Grace Awards, and the ACFW Carol Awards. Her contemporary romance novel, A Twist of Faith, received 4-stars from Romantic Times, and most recently, her newest release, The Thorn Healer, received a Top Pick from RT with 4 ½ stars. Her newest contemporary romance, Just the Way You Are, releases in April 2016. You can get to know Pepper on Facebook, or over at her group blog, The Writer’s Alley, or Instagram.

My Impressions:

Looking for a contemporary romance with wit, heart, and some swoon worthy moments? Then you need to check out Charming The Troublemaker, the second book in Pepper Basham’s Mitchell’s Crossroads series. This book has everything I look for in a romance — endearing and engaging characters, a plot that is not predictable, and smart and sassy dialog. It gets a recommended rating from me.

Rainey Mitchell is gun-shy when it comes to relationships and with good reason. So when the oh-so charming Dr. Alexander Murdoch becomes a part of the faculty at her regional university, she is skeptical about his interest. But the two can’t help but be thrown together. And despite her reservations, Alex seems to be more than a handsome face and charming personality. His sincerity and caring are the real deal. But of course, complications arise, and betrayal seems to be around the corner for Rainey once again.

I love the setting of Basham’s novels — small town Appalachia. I felt like I was right at home, especially when Mama Mitchell and the rest of the Mitchell clan gather. Alex is a hunky character with a big heart. Rainey is standoffish, but her past track record makes her a very believable character. Supporting characters are wonderful, including Rainey’s daughter Sarah. I loved the interactions between her and Alex. The romance is sweet, but there are definitely some rocky moments. And a bit of danger and suspense is thrown in to spice it up. All in all a good mix.

Although Charming The Troublemaker is the second book in the series, it is easily read as a standalone. But this is a great series, so be sure to check out Twist of Faith.  There are more Mitchell siblings, so I am looking forward to a few more great romances.


Audience: adults.

(Thanks to Celebrate Lit for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

Guest Post from Pepper Basham

I have a thing for underdogs.


Lots souls who desperately need to find where they belong.

I can’t help it! Call it a ‘fix-it’ mentality or an awareness that God rescued me and now I want to rescue other people…even fictional characters, but I’m definitely a softy for those characters that people are less likely to root for. Catherine from The Thorn Bearer/Keeper became my first rescue…and I just HAD to find another.

I guess that’s how Charming the Troublemaker came into existence.

Dr. Alex Murdock desperately needed to be rescued.

In a bad way.

If you’ve had a chance to read my first book in the Mitchell’s Crossroads series, A Twist of Faith, you’ll know that Alex doesn’t seem to be made up of much hero material. He’s a flirt, a little arrogant, and…well, kind of like a lost puppy.

As book 1 grew and came to a close, I knew Alex and Rainey’s story would be next…but I immediately ran into a real problem.

Who in the world was Alex Murdock? We really didn’t get to know him very much in book 1. He zoomed in a few times, ruffling feathers and then finally showing off some interesting kindness/compassion in the end, but…he was still a big-time flirt.

So the question emerged: Can a flirt be a hero?

What is Alex hiding behind that ready smile and sense of humor? Why does he seem so lost?

The answers were surprising!! Just wait.

The Mitchell family draw him right in, as they did with Dee, and his world is forever changed.

And then there’s Rainey. Strong-willed and independent, she is deeply wounded by her ex-husband’s betrayal. Though she gives off all these ‘confident’ vibes, she hides her insecurities behind a tough exterior in a desire to keep people at a distance – well, everyone except her family.

Alex rocks her world with his ready charm.

And she sees beyond the plastic grin to recognize another wounded soul.

Throwing them together into a book has been a hilarious and heart-stirring adventure, I wasn’t prepared to encounter. They’re so much fun!

AND…he’s ADORKABLE!! Seriously!! He is SUCH a dork, but makes me grin. And…he looks like Armie Hammer 😉

Let me just give you a hint to some of my favorite scenes:

Anything with Sarah!


All of the scenes in Rainey’s house

And those in Mama Mitchell’s

Okay, I like the WHOLE STORY…and I can’t wait to see what you think too.

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To celebrate her tour, Pepper is giving away a grand prize of a paper copy of A Twist of Faith, a mug from the Blue Ridge Parkway, one driftwood scented candle, one mango scented candle, and a Troublemaker snickers 😉 highly appropriate. Chocolate with a nutty personality :)!!

Click below to enter. Be sure to comment on this post before you enter to claim 9 extra entries! https://promosimple.com/ps/c1f1


Top 10 Tuesday — Fall TBR List

19 Sep

Can you believe that in two days it will be Fall?! Here in middle Georgia the department stores are sporting Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decor for sale, but the temperatures are hovering in the Summer-range, so Fall doesn’t seem that imminent. But what is imminent is my Fall TBR list (or pile!). The folks at The Broke And The Bookish are asking bloggers to share what they will be reading in the next few months, and I am always eager to oblige. I have a wide variety of reading ahead of me — historical, romance, contemporary, mystery/suspense, and interestingly enough, a couple of Christmas novels! So without further ado, my Fall TBR List!

Top Ten Books on My TBR List

The Case of The Clobbered Cad by Debra E. Marvin

Charming The Troublemaker by Pepper Basham

The Christmas Blessing by Melody Carlson

Christy by Catherine Marshall

Colors of Christmas by Olivia Newport

Deeds of Darkness by Mel Starr

How Sweet The Sound by Amy Sorrells 

Lydia by Diana Wallis Taylor

Many Sparrows by Lori Benton

Vanishing Point by Lisa Harris

What are you reading this Fall?



Author, Author! — Pepper Basham

26 May

pepperquiltlaughingIt’s my pleasure to welcome talented author, Pepper Basham, to my blog. Pepper writes inspirational fiction in two different genres: historical romance and contemporary romance. Thanks, Pepper for joining us today!

By The Book: When did you first know that you were a writer?

Pepper Basham: I feel like I’ve always been a storyteller, but I didn’t start ‘writing’ down those stories until I was about 7 or 8. I actually still have a story I wrote and illustrated from when I was 9. Poorly illustrated . . . it was pretty clear writing was more my forte than drawing (especially from the sizes of the noses on my poor people I drew ;-).

BTB: What people, including friends, family, teachers or other authors, have influenced/encouraged you?

ATwistofFaith 500x750_v2FINALPepper: The very first person who ever called me a writer was my Granny Spencer. She was a wonderful Appalachian storyteller, all oral storytelling, but the love for storytelling started with her. My parents have been an ENORMOUS wealth of encouragement. My wonderful AlleyCats have been such supports and cheerleaders through the journey as well as the amazing gals of Seekerville! And, I cannot forget my amazing Street Team and Brainstorming Team. I’m just surrounded my wonderful supporters.

BTB: You write both historical and contemporary romances. Is the writing process the same or different for each genre? What types of research do you do?

Pepper: I love story. The main difference between the two is the research (although there is, of course, voicing difference as I write them. Historical doesn’t ‘sound’ the same as contemporary). I love watching movies of the time period, reading books (especially first person accounts), and even trying on costumes. I LOVED getting to drive a Model T for research. For contemporary I usually do a lot of chatting with folks who have the occupation of my characters.

TheThornbearer 500x750 (1)BTB: The Christian message is strong, but naturally woven throughout your novels. What is your motivation for writing Christian fiction? What do you want your readers to take away after the last page is turned?

Pepper: I love writing faith into fiction. Love it . . . and Him. I hope people see the hope Christ’s love can bring and the power in His forgiveness to change lives. I also want to show humor and authenticity.

BTB: Can you give us a sneak peek at soon to be released works or works-in-progress?

Pepper: Oh my! How about a first few paragraphs of book 3 in the Penned in Time series! The Thorn Healer releases in November!

Chapter One

May 1918

Wounded soldiers returned from war as heroes. Wounded nurses returned as old maids.

Jessica Ross gripped the handle of her purse a little tighter, and peered out the dusty train window, eager to catch the first glimpse of her hometown in two years. Home. The word swept a sweet balm over the ragged edges of her memories, rife with the devastation of a world at war. For two dark years, loss and fear crowded light from the shadowed spaces of Jess’ mind, but, now, those dreadful moments could rest in the past. The Great War, as some called it now, held nothing ‘great’ within its muddied trenches and dying breaths, except the weight of its sorrow and its forever-swell of hopelessness.

Her eyes drifted closed and brought visions of her mother and brother to mind, stilling her grin. Home couldn’t be the same without their presence. During her last visit to Hot Springs, she buried her mother. German gunfire took her gregarious baby brother a year and a half later, his remains interred on a battlefield in France, and her only surviving sibling, her older brother, had almost been killed by a German spy.

The hardened fist of hatred tightened around Jessica’s heart with a deeper grasp. Trench warfare, treachery, Kaisers?

She was finished with all of it – especially Germans. She hated them. Even German food was out of the question from this point on. She’d suffered enough from the Huns barbarous hands. Too many nightmares.

“Next stop, Hot Springs!”

The clarion call of the train whistle followed the conductor’s announcement with a glorious exclamation. A waft of mountain air breezed through the window, dampening the unusual May warmth and Jessica’s darkening thoughts with the scent of honeysuckles and fresh rain. Hope tickled a dangerous longing, fragile and as broken as she was, but she grasped its promise. A smile bloomed awake. Even if she was damaged beyond the use of war or the makings of a wife, even if nightmares stole her sleep and fear ripped at her peace of mind, one place always promised a sense of belonging. The Blue Ridge Mountains.

Wow! Just wow, Pepper!

BTB: Please share anything else you want my readers to know — personal info, hobbies, etc

Pepper: Well, I love love love being a mom. I have five awesome kids and I’ve enjoyed watching them grow through every phase. It’s been such a cool journey. Challenging, but such a blessing!

I love dressing in costume, am a huge DC/Marvel fan, love Phineas and Ferb, enjoy very eclectic reading choices, and have a tendency to write music.


Thanks so much, Pepper, for sharing with us today!

pepperbarnsmile-1Pepper Basham is an award-winning author who writes romance peppered with grace and humor. She currently resides in the lovely mountains of Asheville, NC where she is the mom of 5 great kids, speech-pathologist to about fifty more, lover of chocolate, jazz, and Jesus, and proud AlleyCat over at a group writing blog, The Writer’s Alley. Her debut historical romance novel, The Thorn Bearer, released in May 2015, and has already garnered its first award with Readers’ Favorites International Awards. Pepper’s second and third books in the series arrive in February 2016. Her first contemporary romance debuts in April.

You can connect with Pepper on her website at http://www.pepperdbasham.com, Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pepper-D-Basham or Twitter at https://twitter.com/pepperbasham.

Book Review: A Twist of Faith

7 Apr

7311818_origDr. Adelina Roseland has worked ten years in research as an accent reduction specialist to attain her dream job. But a secret wager to transform Appalachian cattle farmer Reese Mitchell into corporate material challenges Adelina in ways she never expected, threatening her new position. ​

For one, Adelina didn’t plan for the faith and friction of Reese, or the unexpected influence of his chaotic family. Now, drawn into a culture she’d tried to forget, ​
Adelina finds the warmth of family, the hope of faith, and the joy of love melting away the deep wounds of her past.

But when Reese discovers that he’s a pawn in her climb up the academic ladder, will he forgive Adelina s deceit or will their miscommunication end in two broken lives?




8541259_origPepper Basham is an award-winning author who writes romance peppered with grace and humor. She currently resides in the lovely mountains of Asheville, NC where she is the mom of 5 great kids, speech-pathologist to about fifty more, lover of chocolate, jazz, and Jesus, and proud AlleyCat over at a group writing blog, The Writer’s Alley. Her debut historical romance novel, The Thorn Bearer, released in May 2015, with the second arriving in February 2016. Her first contemporary romance debuts in April 2016.






A Twist of Faith is a delicious story perfect for the most devoted fan of contemporary romance. Sparks fly, kisses linger and true love is found! Additionally, you get a big ole family complete with a hugging mama, adorable kids and a grinning dog. But the best thing about Pepper Basham’s book? The natural unfolding of God’s romance with His people. Put this one on your must-read list.

Adelina Dee Roseland has a lot of preconceived notions about life in Appalachia, and at first glance the people of Ransom confirm every prejudice and stereotype. A list-making, goal-setting woman who knows nothing of God, love or family is soon overrun by all three in the form of the big Mitchell clan. Will a sweet-talking mountain man change her to-do list and dreams?

Fans of My Fair Lady (or Pygmalion, the play the musical is based upon) will be pleased with the plot of A Twist of Faith. A bet, a challenge and a very handsome man play big roles in this novel. The setting is rural Virginia — you can almost smell the fresh air, feel the breeze on your face, taste the home-cooking and feel yourself relaxing into the slower pace. Main characters have definite chemistry — oh yeah! — but you’ll also love the supporting cast of the Mitchell family and friends. Adelina and Reese have pasts full of hurt and betrayal that must be overcome, and it takes a bit of intervention on the part of stubborn women and a persistent God to heal and restore.

A Twist of Faith starts out like most romances, but it soon becomes apparent that there is more going on than a love story between a man and a woman. God shows up in big ways — as a true Father, finder of the lost, and giver of grace and forgiveness. No plans or lists or faulty thinking can stand against His love. Well done, Pepper!

A Twist of Faith is Pepper Basham’s first contemporary romance, but hopefully not the last. I look forward to many more great stories coming from Mitchell’s Crossroads.

Highly Recommended.

Audience: adults.

To purchase this book, click HERE.

(Thanks to SLB Tours for a review copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)


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Make sure to join Pepper for a FB Party!

Top 10 Tuesday — Spring TBR List

15 Mar

I can hardly believe it is Spring already! But the time jumped ahead and the azaleas and pear trees are blooming outside my window, so it must be true. Today’s theme for Top 10 Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish is Spring TBR List. I have lots of fabulous books on my list — including biblical fiction, mysteries, romantic suspense and historical romance. What are you reading in the days ahead?



Spring 2016 TBR List

Annabel Lee by Mike Nappa

Bathsheba by Angela Hunt

Dressed for Death by Julianna Deering


A Fool And His Monet by Sandra Orchard

The Hearts We Mend by Kathryn Springer

Lydia’s Song — Katherine Blessan

The Painter’s Daughter by Julie Klassen



Picture Perfect Murder by Rachel Dylan

Twist of Faith by Pepper Basham

You’re The One That I Want by Susan May Warren


That’s what I’m reading.

How about you?

Book Review: The Thorn Bearer

7 May

thethornbearer-500x750-1Ashley Dougall has a terminal disease and forgiveness is the only cure.

Ashley Dougall’s father stole her innocence, her selfish fiancé stole her heart, and unforgiveness is slowly stealing her life. Drawn by the desire to help others, she tries to escape haunting memories and enlists her services as a nurse in war-torn Europe. Along with her childhood friend and fiance’s brother, Samuel Miller, the fragile threads holding Ashley’s life in place one-by-one begin to snap. From the deck of the ill-fated Lusitania to the smoke-filled trenches of WWI, Ashley must choose between forgiveness of the past, life in the present, and a Savior who is willing to help her face them both.


pepperquiltlaughingAbout Pepper Basham (from her website) —

I wrote my first story when I was a nine year- old, freckled-faced tomboy in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Coming from a long line of oral storytellers, weaving a good yarn seemed a typical part of my life. It wasn’t until I finished college, had two children, and a full time job before I began to study the ‘craft’ of writing (you know when I had plenty of time).

My music-director turned pastor husband took his first senior pastor position eight years ago, moved the 6 of us to Tennessee, where we added our fifth and final kid to the Basham crew. And now hubby is a music minister in Asheville, NC. Yep, we love the Blue Ridge Mountains.

So…now I’m a 38-year old, freckled-faced mommy enjoying life, learning to write, and laughing often. My mom says that I must have a small bit of insanity because I don’t realize how stressed I ought to be.

I’m also a speech-language pathologist who spends her time hanging out with kids who have Autism! It’s a challenge and a blessing – and constantly teaches me about the importance of thinking outside the box!


My Impressions:

Wow! Is The Thorn Bearer really Pepper Basham’s debut novel? This book has it all — complex plot, well-devoloped characters and a strong faith message. Oh yeah, there is romance for those of you who like a good love story. All in all this book is one I can highly recommend!

Ashley Dougall keeps a heart-shattering secret, but that isn’t unusual for the Dougalls who all seem to harbor one deceit or another. Left at the altar and feeling like damaged goods, Ashley makes her way from her beloved North Carolina back to her family home in England. The threats of war and their accompanying dangers seem a world away until she boards the Lusitania.

The Thorn Bearer is a great read. Basham has really done her research. I had little knowledge of the sinking of the Lusitania and the Zeppelin raids on England during WWI. Her attention to detail brings the era to life including the changing roles of women in the early 1900s. Her characters act and react realistically in the context of the times in which they lived. But it is the faith message that really captured my heart. Ashley is the victim of childhood sexual abuse and carries the burden of another’s sin. Her life revolves around helping others in an attempt to prove herself worthy to a God she believes in, but has trouble completely trusting. As her secret becomes known, other characters react in ways that either build Ashley’s faith or rock it to its core. But in the end, she knows that God can bring healing and forgiveness no matter what we’ve done or what has been done to us.

Characters are strong in The Thorn Bearer. Their strengths, weaknesses, sins and virtues make them feel like real people. And they continue to grow throughout the novel, bringing hope to a story that reveals the redeeming love of Christ. There was one minor character that I particularly liked. Fanny is Ashley’s long time maid. Her steady love and faith, bolster Ashley even in times of deep despair. And her illustration of soiled napkins at a dinner party, one completely filthy, the other slightly stained, but neither acceptable, underlines that our righteousness only comes through Christ’s sacrifice.

A beautifully crafted story of love, redemption and forgiveness, The Thorn Bearer is perfect for fans of historical romance. Yet it is so much more. If you liked Francine Rivers’ Redeeming Love or Susan May Warren’s Daughters of Fortune series, then you really need to check out The Thorn Bearer by Pepper Basham.

Highly Recommended.

Audience: adults.

Great for book clubs.

To purchase this book, click HERE.

(Thanks to the author for a review copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)