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Children’s Corner: Where Do I Find Jesus?

30 Mar

Twins Emma and Liam are eager to introduce their new friend Abby to a special place and a special someone. As Abby uncovers the surprise, she gets help from a delightful dog duo to discover someone special who loves her very much—Jesus! With a letter from the author that includes the gospel message, this fun story offers a unique way to introduce young readers to Jesus and show them why and how to find Him.

This newest picture book in The Bible Is My Best Friend brand, Where Do I Find Jesus? joins Meet My Best Friend, The Bible Is My Best Friend Family Devotional, and The Bible Is My Best Friend Bible Storybook.



Sheila Walsh is a Scottish lass known as “the encourager” to the over 5.5 million women she’s met and spoken to around the world. She loves being a Bible teacher, making God’s Word practical, and sharing her own story of how God met her when she was at her lowest point and lifted her up again.

Her message: GOD IS FOR YOU!

Sheila also enjoys being an author — in fact she likes to write everyday — and has sold more than five million books. Her newest, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MESS, STRENGTH FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL, BROKEN LIFE, (book and Bible study) releases in November 2017. She is also the co-host of the television program Life Today, airing in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Her favorite way to spend a day is to support missions work through the Life Today ministry, working worldwide to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, provide medical help to the sick, and rescue boys and girls from sex slavery. She most recently traveled to Africa, the Dominican Republic, and Southeast Asia.

Calling Texas home, Sheila lives in Dallas with her husband, Barry; her son, Christian; and three little dogs — Belle, Tink, and Maggie.

You can stay in touch with her on Facebook at sheilawalshconnects, on Twitter at @sheilawalsh, on Instagram at sheilawalsh1 and on Pinterest at @sheiladwalsh.


Sarah Horne grew up in snowy Derbyshire, UK with some goats and a brother.

She learnt to draw whilst trying to explain her reasoning for an elaborate haircut at the age of nine. Sarah then honed her skills on the mean streets of Falmouth, studying Illustration. Here, there were daily street battles of scribbling resulting in many paper cuts, but some very nice drawing.

Alongside working on some very funny children’s titles, Sarah has also worked on commissions for The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Kew Gardens, Sesame Street and for IKEA as their Children’s Illustrator In Residence.

She now draws, paints, writes and giggles from underneath a pile of paper at her studio in London.

Sarah’s books have sold internationally in Mexico, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Germany, US, Australia and NZ.


My Impressions: 

For Christian parents, the most important part of raising their kids is introducing them to Jesus. From singing Jesus Loves Me to tucking them in at night with bedtime prayers, parents consistently tell their children of God’s love and care. But what about explaining the need for a savior and instructing them on how to know they are a child of God? Sheila Walsh has written Where Do I Find Jesus? to help parents lead their children to a personal relationship with Jesus. With quirky and colorful illustrations, twins Emma and Liam tell their new friend about Jesus in a natural and simple manner. With funny commentary from some four-footed friends, the book is easy to read and understand by children ages 4-8. While your kids will enjoy the story, there is a big, big bonus for you as well: a guide to explain the need for a savior and the way to accept Jesus into one’s heart, complete with scripture references. Where Do I Find Jesus? is the perfect launch pad into deeper discussions about God and Jesus.


Audience: kids 4-8 and their parents.

To purchase this book, click HERE.

(Thanks to B&H Publishers for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)


Children’s Corner — Found

28 Feb

51ru0piqowl-_sy498_bo1204203200_From the bestselling The Jesus Storybook Bible, with over two million products sold, comes Found based on Psalm 23. Written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Jago, little ones will fall in love with this padded cover board book that reminds them of God’s Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.



b1o09dwbp8s-_ux250_Sally Lloyd-Jones is a Brit who came to the US in 1989 “just for a year.” She’s still here.

Born in Kampala, Uganda, raised in East, and West Africa and at a boarding school in the New Forest, the first book she ever remembers reading all the way through was THE COMPLETE NONSENSE by Edward Lear. Things have not been the same since.

She lives in Manhattan and enjoys dividing her time between the front half of her apartment and the back.


51rfq3zhwpl-_ux250_Some time ago, a boy called Jago arrived here on Earth with a burning ambition to be ….

Superman, Indiana Jones, or quite possibly King Arthur.

Afer a little hard work and an awful lot of drawing I settled on my fourth choice of career, illustrating children’s books, something I reckon I could be quite good at one day.

I live in a slightly damp wetsuit in Cornwall with my fantastically lovely wife Alex, beautiful daughter Lily Peach and small round son, Rudy.

I work almost entirely digitally, using a couple of Macs and an iPad in a secret blend of the finest textures, papers and digital paints. I could tell you how I make each picture, but then I’d have to kill you.

I enjoy working on children’s books and am drawn to stories with a hint of eccentricity.


My Impressions:

Your Easter basket shopping just got easier! Found, written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Jago, is the perfect way to show your child God’s love. With simple verse based on Psalm 23, your child will easily understand all the ways God cares for him. The Good Shepherd is beside his little lamb through all things, including times that are scary. I loved the simple, yet effective, illustrations. That little lamb is very expressive, smiling and content when in the arms of his shepherd. Found comes in a sturdy board book format suitable for the smallest of readers. It will hold up to the multiple readings your child is sure to request. I can’t wait to share this one with a little friend!

Highly Recommended.

Audience: children ages 4-8.

To purchase this book, click HERE.

(Thanks to Zonderkidz for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)


Children’s Corner — Two Board Books for Black History Month

9 Feb

February is Black History Month, and Worthy Publishing has two great board books, The Story of Rosa Parks and The Story of Martin Luther King Jr., to share with the littlest of readers. Here’s the scoop:

unknownThis little book of only about 200 words introduces Rosa Parks, called the mother of the civil rights movement. Here is the story of her courageous decision to remain on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, an action that resulted in her arrest and, ultimately, a victory for civil rights. The rich oil paintings by artist Steven Walker contribute to the tension of the moment and the understanding of Rosa Parks.

To purchase this book, click HERE.



unknown-1This little book tells the story of Martin Luther King Jr. in a way that even very young children will understand. This simple but accurate account of his life begins with King’s childhood, making it easy for little ones to relate to his story. Children will learn that he excelled in school, became a minister, and worked to end segregation in America. This book, with only about 200 words accompanied by delicate watercolors, is a great way for parents to begin to teach their children about this inspirational historical figure.

To purchase this book, click HERE.

My Impressions:

It is never too early to introduce your children to historical events and people that have made a huge impact on our current society. The board books, The Story of Rosa Parks and The Story of Martin Luther King Jr., are easily understood looks into what the world was like before the Civil Rights movement. The simple phrases of the stories are accompanied by illustrations that bring the struggles of African Americans to life. The books also emphasize the great strides we have made in the equality of all Americans. Children will easily see themselves in the stories as well and feel empathy for what others in history went through. Standing for truth and justice, living lives of integrity and peace, both of these heroes of the Civil Rights movement will come alive to your kids. So if you are looking for a way to share our nation’s history with your kids, consider choosing these two books.


Audience: children ages 2-5.

(Thanks to Worthy Publishing for complimentary copies of these books. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

Top 10 Tuesday! — Children’s Picture Books

31 Jan

This week The Broke And The Bookish have challenged us to share our favorite graphic novels, comic books or picture books. I have been incredibly blessed to receive for review some absolutely beautiful and charming children’s storybooks. My children are all grown now and no grandchildren have arrived. Yet! But I still love reading these books. For now I get to share them with my little friends (until grandchildren start arriving at my door 😉 ).

To find out what other bloggers are sharing this week, click HERE.


Top 10 Children’s Picture Books

7 Days of Awesome

Baby Wren And The Great Gift


Christmas Love Letters from God

God Made You Nose to Toes


How Big is Love

I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug!


The Legend of The Easter Robin

Night Night, Farm


A Night of Great Joy

Would A Worm Go On A Walk?


What are some of your favorites?

Children’s Corner: A Night of Great Joy

21 Nov

61s1hbyrvcl-_sy439_bo1204203200_Mary Engelbreit presents A Night of Great Joy, a delightful picture book that celebrates the joyful season of Christmas. This book tells the story of the nativity through the performance of a children’s Christmas pageant. With adorable illustrations and simple storytelling, Engelbreit paints a wonderful picture of the night that Jesus was born.

A Night of Great Joy recalls that fateful night with wonder and awe. From the arrival of Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem to the gathering of many before the baby Jesus, this holiday treasure leads children through the tale of the birth of Jesus, guiding them with the star of Bethlehem.


pink_shirt_largeMary Engelbreit is a graphic artist and children’s book illustrator who launched her own magazine, Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion in 1996. Mary Engelbreit was born in St. Louis, Missouri.


My Impressions:

The story of the birth of Jesus is told through the eyes of children in Mary Englebreit’s newest book for Christmas, A Night of Great Joy. The familiar story will engage your child as he or she sees it performed in a children’s play. I loved the beautifully detailed illustrations Englebreit is known for as the children endeavor to share the story with their audience. Be on the lookout for kids acting like kids — shepherds fighting over a lamb and kids giggling. This book is homey and cute as it tells the story that changed the world. A Night of Great Joy is a wonderful addition to your family reading this season.

Highly Recommended.

Audience: children ages 4+.

To purchase this book, click HERE.

(Thanks to Zonderkidz for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

Children’s Corner — God’s Little Lambs Bible Stories

12 Oct

unknownBible Stories for God’s Little Lambs is a storybook Bible written just for little ones. With a padded cover and simple, accessible text by Julie Stiegemeyer, children will learn about God’s love through stories such as Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the Big Fish, and Jesus Welcomes the Children. With soft brushstrokes and warm colors, Qin Leng provides illustrations readers will love to cuddle up with at bedtime or any time of the day.



Purchase book HERE.



dsc051303Julie Stiegemeyer — in her own words!

I was born and raised in Lakewood, Colorado, which is in the Denver area. As a child, I loved playing with stuffed animals, and my friends and I enjoyed neighborhood games like Kick the Can and Green Ghost (which was a version of Hide and Seek as I remember). I loved animals–especially our black labrador. We named her Liberty because she was born in 1976. I have two older brothers who loved to torment their little sister. But we also had a lot of fun together.

Here is my school picture from kindergarten. I wrote my first book when I was in kindergarten. It’s a three-page adventure story about a police helicopter which caught up with a criminal in a police chase. I had quite a sense of justice!

Many writers I know were avid readers as children. When I was young, I enjoyed reading, and I made lots of trips to the library with my mom. My parents were always avid readers and still are. But it wasn’t until I was in high school and college that I learned to LOVE to read. And it was about that time when I started writing more as well.

What I love best about the scenery of Colorado are the wide open skies where the clouds move like billowy sail boats across the bluest sky you can imagine. The city of Denver sits up against the Rocky Mountains, and that’s how I learned my directions—the mountains are always west of the city.

I wrote my first poem when I was in fourth grade, and it’s still hanging in my parents’ basement. I shellacked it on put it on a wooden plaque.

In my free time, I like spending time with my family, walking my dog, hugging my cats, walking through the woods, doing puzzles, watching movies, reading lots of books, and most of all…writing, of course!

Qin Leng is a childrens’ book illustrator and background designer for animated television series. She lives with her twin sister in Toronto.


My Impressions:

God’s Little Lambs Bible Stories is sure to be a hit with your family. With over 30 beloved stories from the Bible, this book is geared towards the preschool to early elementary set. Each story is based on scripture. In fact, each story is introduced with scripture references to help you and your child more fully explore God’s word. Bright illustrations keep your child engaged, and each story ends with a brief statement to affirm the lesson just learned. I think this book is perfect for family story time. Or you can use it for those extra school assignments to practice reading skills. Each story can be read alone, allowing you to choose the right story for your child’s day.

God’s Little Lambs is a good addition to your family library!


Audience: children ages 4-8.

(Thanks to Zonderkidz for a complimentary copy. A review was not required, and all opinions are mine alone.)


Children’s Corner + Giveaway! — Baby Wren And The Great Gift

13 Apr

51QlDy0KiDL._SY436_BO1,204,203,200_The Baby Wren and the Great Gift, written by bestselling author Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Jen Corace, is a celebration of all the wonderful gifts God has given us. The tiny wren marvels at the incredible creatures around her, all the while wishing she had a special gift to share. As she takes in the beauty of the world around her, she discovers a unique talent that’s been inside her all along.



B1o09DwBp8S._UX250_Sally Lloyd-Jones is a Brit who came to the US in 1989 “just for a year.” She’s still here.

Born in Kampala, Uganda, raised in East, and West Africa and at a boarding school in the New Forest, the first book she ever remembers reading all the way through was The Complete Nonsense by Edward Lear. Things have not been the same since.

She lives in Manhattan and enjoys dividing her time between the front half of her apartment and the back.


me.about_Jen Corace (illustrator) 

nuts and bolts:

from southern new jersey, graduated from risd with a bfa in illustration in 1996, lives and works in providence, ri, hates sopping wet paper. it makes her gag.

odds and sods:

first dream job was to be a bumper car operator (it could still happen), loves breakfast, loves breakfast for dinner more, loves biking, loves walking more, loves a lot of music but could easily listen to belle and sebastian or the wedding present all day long. non stop.

My Impressions:

Beautiful illustrations accompany the sweet and simple message of one tiny bird with a big, big gift. Baby Wren And The Great Gift explores the wonders of creation and the uniqueness of what God has created. A very small bird wonders what her gift could be as she contemplates all the wonderful things other animals can do. The prose is easy and unhurried with a repeating refrain to divide each scene. Bold illustrations pair well with the narrative. Perfect for family reading, or a larger group story time, this storybook will capture your child’s imagination and open up new ideas of what makes him/her special.


Audience: children ages 4-8

To purchase this book, click HERE.

(Thanks to Zonderkidz for a review copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)


Zonderkidz is very graciously offering a copy of Baby Wren And The Great Gift to one of my readers. To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment stating with whom you’ll share this book. The giveaway will run through April 27. (Please note: US only.)