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Children’s Corner Book Spotlight — God’s Big Plans for Me

25 Apr

Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life, has a new kid-centered storybook Bible, God’s Big Plans for Me. There are 40 days of stories from Genesis to Revelation all with an emphasis on God’s plan for your child. Each day’s reading has an introduction with things for your child to think about followed by a Bible story. I have not read this book, so this post is not an endorsement or recommendation. However, I thought my readers might be interested in exploring it more. Read the blurb and check out a couple of the stories, then decide for yourself whether this book should be added to your library.

God’s Big Plans for Me Storybook Bible illustrates the 40 foundational principles written in the #1 New York Times bestseller The Purpose Driven Life (What on Earth Am I Here For?) by Pastor Rick Warren. With child-friendly language, engaging illustrations, and a chronological approach, Pastor Warren introduces each Bible story with a theme that aligns with one of his foundational principles. He wraps up the stories with a closing thought targeted to early readers. The colorful illustrations and narrative tone bring these beloved Bible stories to life for readers young and old.



(I received a copy of this book from Zonderkidz. This post is not a recommendation or endorsement.)


Children’s Corner — Amos Faces His Bully

11 Apr

Amos is targeted by the town bully because he is so small. When word reaches Amos of his friend David’s battle with Goliath, he thinks back to what David told him about putting his faith in God’s protection. Perhaps the same God can help Amos face his bully too.


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Cheryl C. Malandrinos is a freelance writer, children’s author, and editor. A 2005 graduate of Long Ridge Writers Group, Cheryl began her career focusing on article writing. She specializes in time management and organization, but has also written about everyday life in the 1800s, gardening, parenting, and women’s health issues. In 2008, she changed her focus to fiction writing for children. Her first picture book, Little Shepherd, was released in August 2010 by Guardian Angel Publishing (GAP).  A Christmas Kindness, an early reader, was released by 4RV Publishing in 2012, with a digital version following in 2014, and Macaroni and Cheese for Thanksgiving (Guardian Angel Publishing, 2016).

Ms. Malandrinos has edited numerous manuscripts in a variety of genres and ghostwritten a Christian chapter book. Cheryl has been a panelist at the WriteAngles Conference that takes place each fall at Mount Holyoke College and offers writing workshops in her local school district. A book reviewer and blogger, Cheryl lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband and two children. She also has a son who is married.


My Impressions:

Cheryl Malandrinos has written a clever book that combines a beloved Bible story with a lesson for modern day kids. Amos Faces His Bully, targeted towards children ages 4-8, introduces a young boy who endures name-calling and ridicule from bigger boys in his village of Bethlehem. But his older friend, seventeen year old David, shares wisdom gained from experience. It’s not about being brave or big, it’s about having faith that God can and will protect with His presence. I loved the creative twist Malandrinos brings to the David and Goliath story. The reactions of Amos and the other boys in Bethlehem mirror the awe many probably had at the audacity David exhibited in facing down the Philistine’s giant. While teaching about standing up to bullies, the book also opens the door for reading and talking about scripture — a win-win for parents!

Whether Amos Faces His Bully is part of family reading time, or used to practice reading skills, it will definitely become a favorite with your kids.


Audience: children ages 4-8.

(Thanks to the author for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

Children’s Corner + Giveaway! — Planet 316 Story Bible

7 Mar

An innovative Bible storybook with a free augmented reality app that brings the characters and stories to life

This innovative Bible storybook features more than 100 favorite stories from the Old and New Testaments. From the story of Creation and the Garden of Eden all the way through the life of Jesus and the acts of the Apostles, the stories are told in kid-friendly, yet biblically accurate, language and accompanied by bright and whimsical artwork. The book is paired with a free downloadable app that brings the stories to life through the use of augmented reality. By holding a smart phone or tablet over the page, the app allows characters, animals, and objects in the stories to spring up in 3-D, with audio that reveals additional character dialogue and sounds. Together, the book and its app are sure to engage children’s imaginations and start them on their faith journey. Ages 4-7.


My Impressions:

Wow! What a seriously cool book! Your kids are going to love Planet 316 Story Bible (and you will too)! First the obvious — this Bible storybook contains 100+ beloved stories from both the Old and New Testaments with high energy and cute, cute illustrations. The stories are true to scripture and include the Bible reference. But this book holds a big surprise. With a free downloadable app, the stories come alive with sound and motion. What fun! You hear the lions growl as they surround Daniel, the clip clop of camels as Nehemiah travels back to Jerusalem from Babylon, the wedding guests comment on the marriage of Mary and Joseph, and the interaction of Jesus and children. The app allows kids of all ages to experience the Bible in a great interactive way. Every story in this collection is just waiting to be explored. Planet 316 Story Bible is a perfect addition to family reading time. So gather the kids, read and discuss the stories, and then get ready for oohs, ahhs, and giggles when the stories come to life.

Highly Recommended.

Audience: kids of all ages.

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(Thanks to Worthy Publishing for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)


Worthy Publishing is very generously giving a copy of Planet 316 Story Bible to one of my readers. Just leave a comment with who you hope to share this fun book. Giveaway ends March 14.

Children’s Corner: Ready, Set, Find Noah’s Ark

13 Sep

Noah has an important job. He needs to build a huge ark and fill it with animals too. Now there are things and animals along the way he needs your help to find, like the hammer, the hen, and the hedgehog. Are you ready to help Noah? If so, on your mark, Ready, Set, Find! Read the classic story of Noah’s Ark in this engaging look-and-find book for young children.


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My Impressions:

Ready, Set, Find Noah’s Ark combines God’s word with a fun picture book for your preschooler. The account of Noah’s building of the Ark, the Flood, and God’s provision for Noah’s family, complete with Bible references, is accompanied by colorful illustrations. As your child hears about this beloved Bible story, he or she can search for the small details within each picture. The pictures are fun and will engage your kids. Be sure to point out what the people and animals are doing on each page. Great for teaching about God and expanding your child’s vocabulary, Ready, Set, Find Noah’s Ark is a recommended read!


Audience: preschoolers.

(Thanks to Zonderkidz for a complimentary book. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

Children’s Corner: 5-Minute Adventure Bible Stories

30 Aug

Children will love these timeless 5-minute Bible adventures, featuring classic stories of Noah’s ark, Daniel and the lions, the birth of Jesus, and more! With text and art from the bestselling Adventure Bible brand, more than 30 stories come alive with bright, colorful illustrations and fun, interactive elements. Each of these stories can be shared in just five minutes, making this collection perfect for families on the go, children learning to read, and bedtime. 5-Minute Adventure Bible Stories features a cover with eye-catching foil.



My Impressions:

I had a conversation with a co-worker about the challenges of getting children to read. Her son is a visual learner and has trouble with comprehension. Because he is uninterested in what he is reading, he rushes through assignments, losing both the ideas behind the stories and the joy that reading can bring. 5-Minute Adventure Bible Stories may just be the right kind of book for those struggling like my friend’s child. Each story is boldly illustrated bringing favorites from the Bible to life. The vocabulary is challenging, but fun, with lots of words that cause a child to visualize the scene presented. For example, in the first story in the book, The Adventure Begins, the water that God created is described as trickling, bubbling, and whooshing. Fun and vivid! There are over 30 stories from both the Old and New Testaments and each takes just a short time to read — perfect for those who are learning to read or struggling to maintain attention. But . . . I bet your child will not be able to stop at just one! There is an added bonus at the end of each story — a truth to meditate upon and a Bible verse to memorize. So whether you are looking for a book for family reading time or a book to help stimulate your child’s love of reading, 5-Minute Adventure Bible Stories is a great choice.


Audience: children ages 4-8.

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(Thanks to Zonderkidz for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

Children’s Corner: Two for The Tiniest of Readers!

21 Jun

Check out two new Beginner’s Bible books! They are great to share with your tiniest readers!


The Beginner’s Bible® has been a favorite with young children and their parents since its release in 1989 with over 25 million copies sold. With over five million copies sold, The Beginner’s Bible® is the bestselling Bible storybook of our time. Now there’s a condensed version for active little ones to take with them wherever they go. With a padded cover, this board book is soft, durable, and can withstand any child’s energetic lifestyle. Playfully illustrated, the storybook introduces toddlers to the Bible in an imaginative way. The accompanying text is simple so that children are engaged by and can learn eight cherished Bible stories, including Creation, Noah’s Ark, and the birth of baby Jesus.

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The Beginner’s Bible®, the bestselling Bible storybook of our time, is now in a special carry-along edition with over 30 stories! Children will love The Beginner’s Bible Carry-Along Treasury created especially for tiny hands to carry with them wherever they go. The carry-along edition features a smaller size, a go-anywhere handle, and an easy magnetic closure. Kids will come to know and love the key stories and characters of the Bible with this best-loved Bible storybook. Now updated with vibrant new art, The Beginner’s Bible® is the perfect starting point for children. Little ones will enjoy the fun illustrations of Noah helping the elephant onto the ark, Jonah praying inside the fish, and more, as they discover The Beginner’s Bible® just like millions of children before!

To purchase, click HERE.


(I received these books courtesy of Zonderkidz. This post is a book spotlight only.)

Children’s Corner — Noah And The Noisy Ark

7 Jun



It’s time for Noah’s big adventure! A rainstorm is coming, and Noah needs to build an ark and find two of each animal to keep warm and dry inside. This retelling of the story of Noah’s Ark will take little ones from building a big boat to seeing a rainbow in the sky after the storm. Featuring brand-new art from the beloved The Beginner’s Bible, a die-cut format, and a beautiful foiled cover, parents will love sharing this board book with their children.


My Impressions:

In Noah And The Noisy Ark, a favorite Bible story is told in a simple manner for the smallest of readers. And because it is part of the Beginner’s Bible series, parents can be assured that God’s word is faithfully followed. Colorful illustrations portray the days of Noah — the disobedience of the people and the faithfulness of Noah. This book is a sturdy board book with a built in handle so that your child can carry it around the house or on car trips. Expect this one to be read over and over! But isn’t that great? Instilling God’s word, plan, and promises in even the tiniest of hearts!


Audience: children ages 2-5.

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(Thanks to Zonderkidz for a review copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)