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Children’s Corner — The Adventure Bible Book of Daring Deeds And Epic Creations

28 Mar

Begin your adventure here! The Adventure Bible Book of Daring Deeds and Epic Creations: 60 Ultimate Try-Something-New, Explore-the-World Activities contains lessons on knot tying, writing coded letters, building tree swings, and more, perfect for kids ages 8 and up. Boys and girls will love this interactive book filled with step-by-step guides and fun, full-color illustrations, and parents will enjoy the key verses and biblical takeaways that make this the perfect companion to the NIV Adventure Bible, the #1 Bible for kids. From easy, do-it-yourself crafts to fun outdoor activities, this book will show kids how to find adventure indoors and out.

Adventures include:

  • Top-secret coded letters
  • Geocaching fun
  • Identifying animal tracks
  • Camping like a pro
  • Learning sign language
  • Bible arts and crafts
  • And more!

To purchase, click HERE

My Impressions:

Mom I’m bored! I bet we have all heard that refrain at least one or two (or a hundred) times over the course of school breaks and summers. I know when my kids were young I did. How I wish I had had a book like The Adventure Bible Book of Daring Deeds And Epic Creations way back when! This book is geared for kids ages 9-10 and has 60 fun activities and crafts that will keep them engaged. Each activity has a list of what you need and instructions on how to do it. It also has a statement to think about along with a scripture reference that ties into the activity. Some activities are perfect for rainy day crafting while others will get your kids up, out, and moving.  I loved the variety of the activities, but I really loved that each one pointed to God and His work in the world and in our lives. The Book of Daring Deeds and Epic Creations is great for kids and parents to connect with each other and to start conversations about the world around them and the God Who created it.


Audience: kids ages 8-10

(Thanks to Zonderkidz for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)



Children’s Corner — The Big Picture Interactive Bible Story Coloring And Activity Book

5 Jul

Filled with more than 200 coloring pages and more than 150 activity pages for young children, this Bible Story Coloring and Activity Book from The Big Picture Interactive provides hours of fun. Here are some of the great activities your kids will love:

  • Word searches
  • Mazes
  • Connect the dots
  • Hidden messages
  • Fill in the blank
  • Secret code
  • Matching
  • Find it
  • Unscramble
  • and more!


My Impressions:

With Summer in full swing, you may be challenged to keep your kids from echoing the refrain I’m bored! Car trips, waiting room visits, or just plain afternoon doldrums can trigger it. I think I’ve found an activity/coloring book perfect for when your kids mention the dreaded B word — The Bible Story Coloring And Activity Book from Big Picture Interactive. There are pages and pages of activities and coloring sheets to keep your kids busy. Plus, and this is definitely a big plus, this book points your kids to God! I think it would work especially well to reinforce family devotional time. Pick a Bible story to share with the kids, and then later bring out the book to give them a hands on activity. It’s a win-win in so many respects. With the stated purpose of drawing attention to God and pointing kids to Jesus, this book also provides a parent connection to help the process. And this book will continue to be a big resource long after Summer ends. There are 350+ pages, enough for almost an entire year of connecting with God!


Audience: elementary aged kids.

To purchase, click HERE.

(Thanks to B&H for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)



Children’s Corner — Time for Bed, Sleepyhead (The Falling Asleep Book)

5 Oct

51o2pyqoptl-_sy416_bo1204203200_Ten-time New York Times bestselling author and child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen teams up with artist Gail Yerrill to create a book that helps facilitate sleep. Time for Bed, Sleepyhead pairs whimsical illustrations with storytelling techniques to tire your child’s imagination in order to help them settle down at bedtime and fall asleep.

Read aloud the story of little bear and his friends as they have a big day at the beach, then return home to eat dinner, take their baths, and head to bed, falling gently to sleep alongside your little one.


51s0mrhbkzl-_ux250_Dr. Daniel G. Amen is a physician, double board certified psychiatrist and ten-time New York Times bestselling author.

He is the Founder and CEO of Amen Clinics in Costa Mesa and San Francisco, California, Bellevue, Washington, Reston, Virginia, Atlanta, Georgia and New York City. Amen Clinics have the world’s largest database of functional brain scans relating to behavior, totaling nearly 100,000 scans on patients from 111 countries.

Dr. Amen is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, the highest award they give members, and is the lead researcher on the world’s largest brain imaging and rehabilitation study on professional football players. His research has not only demonstrated high levels of brain damage in players, he also showed the possibility of significant recovery for many with the principles that underlie his work.

Together with Pastor Rick Warren and Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Amen is also one of the chief architects on Saddleback Church’s The Daniel Plan, a 52-week program to get people healthy through their religious organizations.

Gail Yerrill is a freelance illustrator. Since leaving University in 1998 with a BA in two dimensional design, Gail has been specialising in greeting cards and children’s books. She mainly uses watercolours, but also likes to experiment with mixed media and different papers and textures. Her work is quirky and fun and has a strong sense of colour and pattern combined with hand drawn type. It is varied and can stretch from tiny watercolours to huge wall murals. Gail lives in Bedford with her husband and two children.

My Impressions:

Dr. Daniel Amen is an expert on how the brain works. He used his knowledge and expertise with his own child when putting her to bed. Those years of success have been translated into a beautifully illustrated children’s book, Time for Bed, Sleepyhead. Though all my children are grown, I remember well the struggle bedtime could be. With little minds full of questions, images and sometimes anxiety, it could be daunting to get them to go to sleep. Amen’s book works to tire out a child’s imagination while slowly bringing them to a state of rest. And while I can’t vouch for its effectiveness (though I did find myself yawning while reading it 😉 ), the book does provide a great way for parents to spend time with their kids before the lights go out.


Audience: children.

To purchase, click HERE.

(Thanks to Zonderkidz for a review copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

Book Review: Lots of Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids

20 Jan

UnknownKnock, knock. Who’s there?

Don’t get so excited, it’s just a joke.

Knock, knock. Who’s there?

Anita to borrow a pencil.

New from Zonderkidz, here’s a collection of knock-knock jokes that is both hilarious and wholesome. Lots of Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids is sure to send every kid you know to his knees in a breath-stealing, side-splitting, uncontrollable fit of giggles. It’s that funny. And with more than 350 jokes, the laughs are sure to never quit.

This collection provides fun for the whole family and includes bonus Q& A jokes and riddles too!

My Impressions:

My youngest son LOVED jokes when he was a kid (at 22, he still does). He loved finding new ones to spring on my husband and me. Zonderkidz has a book Thomas would have devoured! Lots of Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids is filled with a great variety of jokes for kids ages 6-10. Some are funny and some are groaners, but all will keep your kids in fits of hilarity. This book would be a great addition for a birthday present or the Easter basket.


Audience: children ages 6-10

To purchase this book, click HERE

(Thanks to Zonderkidz for a review copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)