Book Review: Incomplete Sentence

3 Feb

2691323Winter is ending and business is picking up at Chez Prentice, Amelia’s B&B. All at once, a particularly brutal homicide at a retirement community sparks rumors of the Rasputin Killer, who skipped out on a murder conviction many years ago. When yet another murder hits close to home, Amelia realizes just how vulnerable they all are. With the help of her new friend, the elderly Hugh Channing, she is determined to figure out what’s going on and keep her family safe.




ellen-kennedy-300x240(From Goodreads) As a teen, E.E. Kennedy nursed the dream of being a Broadway star, but since she couldn’t stand rejection, she chose being a writer instead. (Who knew?) Life has been kind to E.E. She’s married to an inventor who understands the creative process. She’s the grandmother of 5 children whose cuteness really cuts into her writing time!

She decided to start writing when she ran out of Agatha Christies and couldn’t find anything else she wanted to read. “Okay,” she said, “I’ll write something I’d want to read.” And she did. On alternate days, she thinks her work is brilliant and miserable, but she keeps at it and is grateful for her gracious publisher, Sheaf House, who seems happy to publish her mysteries. Her mission statement is a hokey one: “wholesome entertainment”.


My Impressions:

Miss Prentice is back, and this “trouble magnet” is trying to avoid a serial killer in E. E. Kennedy’s latest cozy mystery Incomplete Sentence. The infamous Rasputin Killer has been sighted in upstate New York and that has the community on edge. When a freak snow storm hits, the bodies and evidence begin to stack up. Can Amelia solve the case before she becomes one of the victims?

I love cozy mysteries, and Kennedy’s Miss Prentice series is one of my favorites. Even with taking a break from teaching and taking care of a new baby, Amelia has time to investigate. Amelia’s character doesn’t just depend on her powers of deduction and impeccable grammar and manners, she relies on prayer to get her out of dangerous predicaments.  A great combination of mystery and faith, I recommend Incomplete Sentence. Although the it can be read as a standalone, I recommend you start at the beginning of the series — you don’t want to miss out on all the fun!


Audience: adults.

To purchase this book, click HERE. Incomplete Sentence is currently $1.99 for Kindle!

(Thanks to the author for an ARC of Incomplete Sentence. All opinions expressed are mine alone)

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