Book review: Cursed

7 Sep

51xkZOIVNHL._SX342_BO1,204,203,200_Two kingdoms. One curse. The Enchanted Rose trilogy weaves the tales of Beauty and the Beast & Sleeping Beauty into a single, seamless story. Witty and romantic, it still addresses the darker elements found in the original tales—abandonment, captivity, and true evil—resulting in a fresh take that will appeal to adults and youngsters alike. Full of well-developed characters and delightful world-building, these books are a rare treat for anyone who has ever loved fairy tales.




Rachel-on-Zipline-500px-high2aEver since she could hold a pen, R.M. ArceJaeger has been writing stories. Though her talents range from fantasy epics to campfire horror stories, she particularly adores twisting classic tales in directions that no one has ever thought of before. Her novel, Robin: Lady of Legend, is a remarkable reinvention of the mythos of Robin Hood that takes the classic tale in an entirely fresh direction.


My Impressions:

If you love fairy tales retold in interesting and creative ways, then Cursed, book 1 in the Enchanted Rose Trilogy is definitley worth checking out. R. M. ArceJaeger has taken not one, but two fairy tale classics and merged and twisted them into an entertaining story. Especially suited for YA readers, Cursed is just the opening act of a sometimes dark adventure.

Two kingdoms come together to celebrate the birth of a princess and heir. But as the fairies gather to bestow their gifts, another manipulates the ceremony for her own motives. Soon families that were rejoicing over new beginnings and alliances, are mourning broken dreams and promises. Three children, Princess Aurea, Prince Ari and fairy child Liliath, are bound together in a struggle to break free.

Fans of Sleeping Beauty and Beauty And The Beast will recognize many familiar elements in Cursed. But ArceJaeger adds her own touch with a back story of The Arrival — the advent of fairies into the land.  The fairies, ghastlies, and mythical creatures escape the destruction of their island, but find the welcome among humans has a few conditions. Magic has lost some of its potency, but there is still enough to cause blessings and curses. The fairy lore ArceJaeger creates is shared at the beginning of each chapter by experts on the subject, many with tongue-in-cheek names and credentials. She interjects humor into what sometimes is a very dark tale. There is definitely evil in this fantasy world and not just among the ghastlies. Pride, greed, and jealousy are rampant among the Kings who rule in the lands.  And Cursed is just the beginning of the story. Part one of the trilogy focuses on Crown Prince Ari of Gurion who is caught up in the revenge of a ghastly. Transformed into a beast after trying to save the life of baby Princess Aurea, he must learn to live a life of exile at a very young age. A great foundation is laid, but there is much more to come. Thankfully all three books in the trilogy are available (and are FREE for those with Kindle Unlimited).

Great for those who love fairy tales and fantasy worlds, Cursed is a recommended read.


Audience: middle school to adults.

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(Thanks to the author for a review copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)


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