Book Review: Hymns of The Heart

3 Sep

UnknownGod is high and holy, but he is also near to his people. It can seem difficult at times for us to grasp how our King can also be our Friend. Perhaps no book of the Bible better demonstrates the desire to understand God than Psalms. Running the entire gamut of emotions, the writers of these great poems sought to draw near to God and both honor and know him. In doing so, they aid us in expressing our hearts and minds to God.

Hymns of the Heart walks the reader through 35 of these psalms, looking to the meaning of the original text while pointing to God’s majesty and glory. As you reflect on the Psalms, may your heart be drawn to the Lord and may you stand amazed at his love for his people.


Blog-picture-2013-1024x1024Adam Faughn was raised in the Heartland of America, and calls the “Show Me State” home. He graduated from Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, Tennessee, in 1999 with a B.A. in History. Upon graduation, he taught middle school social studies and also worked with the Church of Christ in Somerville, Tennessee as youth minister. He returned to FHU and received a Master of Ministry degree in 2003.

In 2001, Adam and Leah moved to Haleyville, Alabama, where Adam became the full-time youth minister for the 9th Avenue Church of Christ. He served there for just under 7 years, and then moved to Nashville to work with the Lebanon Road Church of Christ as the pulpit minister. In December 2014, Adam returned to Haleyville and began serving the 9th Avenue church of Christ again, this time in the role of pulpit minister.

In addition to regular ministry duties, Adam maintains this blog on a regular basis. Also, Adam enjoys writing, and has authored several books for Christians of all ages.
Adam is proud to have a family filled with Christians who serve as elders, preachers, Bible class teachers, and faithful servants in other roles. His goal in preaching is to help people combine the heart and the head in order to serve God.

My Impressions:

If you are looking for a deeper look into the heart of God, then consider studying the Psalms with Adam Faughn’s Hymns of the Heart. A good start for an individual Bible study, this book is sure to make you go deeper in your relationship with God.

Faughn explores 35 of the Psalms in detail — verse by verse — including commentary from Biblical scholars and analysis of the original meanings of words. Each chapter is less than 10 pages long, allowing for the reader to complete a study of each Psalm in a day or two. Faughn introduces each study with a story and then painstakingly works through the verses expounding on key words and phrases. While each section within the chapter looks at the complete verses, the book does not include the Psalms in their entirety. I wish that the book had included them at the beginning of each chapter, or if that was not possible, the verses included by themselves instead of within the text. This is certainly just a personal preference; I did have my Bible close by to use as a guide :). The book also does not include questions for personal reflection — it reads more like a lecture than a discussion — so I think this one is more for individual than group study.

Audience: adults.

To purchase this book, click HERE.

(Thanks to BookCrash for a review copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)


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