Book Review: Through Waters Deep

21 Aug

UnknownIt is 1941 and America teeters on the brink of war. Outgoing naval officer Ensign Jim Avery escorts British convoys across the North Atlantic in a brand-new destroyer, the USS Atwood. Back on shore, Boston Navy Yard secretary Mary Stirling does her work quietly and efficiently, happy to be out of the limelight. Yet, despite her reserved nature, she never could back down from a challenge. When evidence of sabotage on the Atwood is found, Jim and Mary must work together to uncover the culprit. A bewildering maze of suspects emerges, and Mary is dismayed to find that even someone close to her is under suspicion. With the increasing pressure, Jim and Mary find that many new challenges–and dangers–await them.



SSundin-312Sarah Sundin is the author of With Every Letter, On Distant Shores, In Perfect Time, and the Wings of Glory series. In 2014, On Distant Shores was a finalist for the Golden Scroll Awards from both AWSA and the Christian Authors Network. In 2011, Sarah received the Writer of the Year Award at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. A graduate of UC San Francisco School of Pharmacy, she works on call as a hospital pharmacist. During WWII, her grandfather served as a pharmacist’s mate (medic) in the Navy and her great-uncle flew with the US Eighth Air Force in England. Sarah lives in California with her husband and three children.
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My Impressions:

Sarah Sundin’s WWII-era romances have become a favorite of mine. The first book of her newest series, Through Waters Deep, takes the reader into the turbulent days before the United States’ entrance into WWII. Mystery and history meet in this sweet romance featuring characters you’ll love. A recommended read for those who like historical romance.

Mary Stirling always tries to blend into the background. A traumatic experience in her childhood left her dodging the spotlight and embracing humility. Those traits allow her to do some sleuthing when sabotage is suspected at the Navy yard where she works. Mary’s sometimes goofy and gawky high school friend, Jim Avery, is now an Ensign in the Navy. His easy going style is attractive and Mary dreams of more than a friendship. Both are swept into the days before Pearl Harbor, a time of an unofficial and undeclared war in the Atlantic.

Mary loved Nancy Drew in her childhood and so did I! The mystery aspect of Through Waters Deep provides a great framework for the story of America’s reluctant entrance to WWII. Isolationist and interventionist proponents rally and protest as the government supports it allies in Europe. This is a part of history I didn’t learn in school — I am glad Sundin chose to include it. The main characters of Mary and Jim, as well as supporting characters, are likable and quickly make a place in the reader’s heart. They struggle with real issues — pride, humility, direction and purpose — that all can relate to. I did think the romance moved a bit slowly. I was ready to shake them if one of them did not make a move! But all in all, I really enjoyed Through Waters Deep and am looking forward to more in Sundin’s Waves of Freedom series.


Audience: older teens to adults.

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(Thanks to LitFuse and Revell for a review copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)


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6 Responses to “Book Review: Through Waters Deep”

  1. Sarah Sundin August 21, 2015 at 9:57 am #

    Thank you for the lovely review, Beckie! I’m glad you enjoyed Jim & Mary’s story!


    • rbclibrary August 21, 2015 at 10:24 am #

      Looking forward to more books in this series. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  2. Barbara H. August 22, 2015 at 8:15 am #

    I have this on my bookshelf t be read soon! I have enjoyed all of Sarah’s books.


    • rbclibrary August 22, 2015 at 8:47 am #

      I have loved all her books too. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  3. Susanne August 22, 2015 at 10:31 am #

    I have seen this author reviewed all over and the reviews are always very favourable. Thanks for your thoughts on this book.


    • rbclibrary August 22, 2015 at 11:20 am #

      You are very welcome. This one is book 1 in a new series. I have enjoyed all the books I have read by her. Thanks for stopping by!


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