Book Review: Sons of Thunder

24 Apr

sonsofthunder-500k-e1426428479337Connor Merritt risks his life to save the cashier in a convenience store robbery. He’s shot three times in the torso and once in the head. He walks away without a scratch on him. Anna Wales is held captive in a government cell with no windows, one locked door, and zero way out. The next morning she’s gone without a trace. Together, the two of them will learn that God is doing something new in our time. A new age of miraculous gifts is breaking out in the world. Now a team of young people will have to learn how to use their God-given Gifts for the good of all, while an evil counterfeit arises to oppose them. Their friends and family choose sides, their commitment will be tested, and they will learn what it really means to serve God. In a classic battle of good against evil, a new kind of hero will rise to take up a mantle and a name dating back to the time of Jesus: The Sons of Thunder.


Bowen_Greenwood_2014-e1398136021277-283x300Bowen Greenwood has worked in politics and lived in Washington D.C., but his home and his heart will always be in Montana. He’s a former newspaper reporter, a backpacker and hiker, and of course a writer.

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My Impressions: 

Bowen Greenwood has departed from his political thrillers Death of Secrets and Life of Secrets with his latest project, Sons of Thunder. A speculative, super-hero novel, this book will appeal to fans of the genre, especially YA and New Adult readers. With a strong good-guy/bad-guy tone, Greenwood explores God’s gifts.

Connor Merritt’s late night run to a convenience store turns violent as he is shot three times at close range and survives! This shocking turn of events soon lands him in a secret government facility devoted to studying supernatural abilities showing up in young adults. Determined not to be manipulated by the officials, a band calling themselves Legion rises up. But Connor is unsure just what is going on and runs. A showdown begins and Connor must choose a side.

When I think of spiritual gifts, I think of prayer, prophesy, preaching, etc. But Greenwood takes the idea and expands it to include the miraculous things Jesus did — controlling weather, teleportation,  walking on water, etc. Beginning with a clever premise, Sons of Thunder makes the reader think about gifts and the Giver. When he adds free will, it makes for a twisting and turning story that keeps the reader on his toes. Trust in God is a major theme and the characters must decide where their focus will be centered. The ending is open for more books to come.

Fun and a bit over the top (aren’t all super-hero stories), Sons of Thunder would be a great book for youth group discussions.


Audience: older teens to adults.

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(Thanks to the author for a review copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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