Fun Things For Readers — Easy Cross Bookmark Project

27 Mar

A few years ago, my good friend Tina gave me a cross bookmark made with plastic canvas and satin ribbon. It immediately captured my heart. Just in time for Easter, this quick and easy craft project is perfect for elementary school children, a mom’s group, or a senior’s group. The ladies at the transitional center where I volunteer loved making them as well. Whether you make them as gifts or for yourself, you will love this bookmark. I found the instructions at



Easter Cross Bookmark

This is a simple craft for Easter using only plastic canvas and ribbon.

Materials and Tools:

1/8 inch ribbon
plastic canvas


First you should cut a pattern, start with a rectangle that is 21 squares by 17. Find the center on top edge, leave center square uncut. Cut diagonally until you reach side. You now have a start to the top of the cross. Cross points should go, 1 square/3 square/5 square and then switch to strips of squares, that meet in center.

Hopefully you were able to cut a pattern from my instructions. Once you have pattern you can hold it up against more canvas to cut more out easily.

Cut a piece of 1/8 inch ribbon that is 4 or 5 feet long. Knot one end, and seal the other end with a lighter (angle cut edge is best), this will make a built in needle. Put through very center of cross.

Start to “sew” from bottom right of cross, through square and around back, up through the top left of cross. You will continue to go to opposite sides in a “loop” fashion (this is so back and front of cross are visually pleasing). Once you finish vertical part of cross, bring to center: loop around and start to do the same thing to horizontal cross arms. When you are finished, wrap to the center, and either knot or run through top center square and use as a bookmark.

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