Book Review: Love Letters from God

3 Oct

733843What child does not love to receive mail? What if that child could receive, open and read his or her own personal mail from God? Love Letters from God will invite them to do just that! Accompanying each story in this unique children’s Bible is a very special and encouraging letter, each tucked away in its own lift-the-flap envelope, just for them. Written for children ages four to eight, Love Letters from God includes eighteen of the most popular Bible stories—nine from the Old Testament and nine from the New Testament. Following each story the child will find his or her own letter from God. Children will love the excitement of opening the letters and parents will love how each letter elaborates on the Bible story being told. A very special Bible verse, entitled God’s Wonderful Words To You will accompany each story and letter. Much more than a mere memory verse, each carefully chosen promise will be God’s very own personal words of love, encouragement, and hope. This book will culminate in an invitation for the children to write their own RSVP to God.



glenys_XK8GT5ERGlenys Nellist (from the author’s website) — Author of Love Letters from God. Originally a primary school teacher from England, I came to the United States to serve as Christian Education Director alongside my husband, who is a pastor. We now serve a vibrant, growing congregation at Trinity United Methodist Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am a writer with a passion for children’s ministry.


wpc70dddc7Sophie Allsopp (from the illustrator’s website) –I spent my childhood endlessly painting, sewing, cutting, and sticking – basically making stuff all the time (except when I was off exploring with my sisters). From a young age I wanted to be something creative, and ended up studying for an illustration degree in Bath.

I set up my illustration business with help from the Prince’s Youth Business Trust, and in the 20 years since, I have worked for a large range of clients. I worked part time whilst my son was little, but returned to full time work with a new style and renewed enthusiasm. I love being an illustrator, and find it very rewarding.

In my spare time, I have carried on making stuff – jewellery using silver and natural materials, dress making and needle felting (amongst other things!)

Likes: family get togethers, japanese craft books, vegetarian lasagne, standing on the tops of hills
Dislikes: celery, sitting backwards on trains, rubbish women’s magazines, slugs

I still live close to where I grew up in the south east of England, with my husband, son, cat and guinea pig.


My Impressions:

In a world of so many children’s Bible storybooks, it is hard to choose just the right one for your special child. If you can only buy one, I recommend Love Letters from God by Glenys Nellist and illustrated by Sophie Allsopp. Written for children ages 4-9, this book has it all — beautiful and detailed illustrations, well-written retellings of Bible stories in both prose and verse, a Bible verse to reinforce the story, and best of all, a personalized message showing your child how he or she can be part of God’s story. There are 18 stories, 9 each from the Old and New Testaments, all favorites, but not all always included in Bible storybooks. I especially liked the inclusion of the call to Samuel and the parable of the Lost Sheep. At the end, there is an invitation to join Jesus’ team and a blank card for your child to write their own love letter to God. Love Letters from God is a great way to explain God to your child and lead him to a deeper understanding and relationship with Him. A perfect addition to your family’s library, I highly recommend this book.

Highly Recommended.

Audience: children ages 4-9.

(Thanks to Zondervan for a review copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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