Book Review: The Quick-Start Guide to The Whole Bible

2 Sep

211280A Friendly Overview of Every Book of the Bible

Reading the Bible can be intimidating. Made up of sixty-six “books” ranging in subject matter from history to instruction, from poetry to prophecy, this all-time bestseller is frequently misunderstood, even by those who read it regularly.

In this easy-to-read handbook, two respected Bible professors will help you make sense of the Bible, book-by-book. Using a conversational tone, they cut right to the heart of the matter, focusing on two main questions: “What does it say?” and “Why does it matter?”

Whether you’re a seasoned reader of Scripture or reading it for the first time, you’re sure to come away with a better understanding of what the Bible is all about and why it is the most important book you’ll ever read.


15183Dr. William H. Marty is professor of Bible at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. He teaches and writes on both the New and Old Testaments and is the author of the bestselling The Whole Bible Story and The World of Jesus. Dr. Marty lives with his wife in Chicago, Illinois.

14643Dr. Boyd Seevers is professor of Old Testament Studies at University of Northwestern, St. Paul, Minnesota. Dr. Seevers studied and lived in Israel for eight years and is the author of Hidden in Plain Sight and Warfare in the Old Testament. He lives with his wife and four children in Minneapolis, Minnesota.



My Impressions:

The Quick-Start Guide to The Whole Bible is a basic reference book providing brief overviews of each book of the Bible. Each chapter includes information on setting (including probable authors), a brief summary and the significance of each book in the biblical canon. The chapters range from 2 pages for the Minor Prophets to 7 pages for longer books of the Bible. I am currently teaching a study of Song of Solomon and made sure to read the chapter featuring that book. The information provided summed up just about everything I had read from numerous sources. I found the content interesting and helpful; a good addition to your reference library.


(Thanks to Bethany House for a review copy. The opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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