Page Turner’s August Selection

2 Aug

UnknownLooking for peace and quiet to write a novel, Hunter Jones left Atlanta for a job at a weekly newspaper in Merchantsville, Georgia, a town so small that everybody knows everybody else’s business. She quickly discovers that gossip travels faster than the press can run, and she’s a bit of an outsider looking in until she goes to a grand old mansion for an interview with the president of the historical society, only to find that a murderer got there first. Now, if she can only get the best looking sheriff in Georgia, Sam Bailey, to take her hunches seriously…

6fcaead0675c0ad8986cb4.L._V378386162_SX200_Charlotte Moore is a lifelong mystery reader who has retired from a career in community journalism, having won numerous awards for both feature and news writing. She lives in Perry, Georgia with her two cats, Pepper and Emily Jane.
Deep South Dead is the first in her Hunter Jones series. The second novel in the series, Death Over the Dam is now available on Kindle.


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